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I am a front-end developer and UI/UX designer specialized in lightning-fast prototyping for all screen sizes, devices, and users.

Selected Work

  • Illulina desktop 2x

    Melina Illulina

    • UI
    • Development
    • wordpress

    Design and development of the portfolio web site for Bavarian illustrator Melina Illulina. The portfolio must convey the skill set and art style of the artist in a few glances and provide more information for the interested visitor.

  • Kaiterra live air desktop 2x
    Kaiterra live air mobile 2x

    Kaiterra Live Air

    • UI
    • UX
    • Development

    Kaiterra Live Air is a modern web application for exploring the air quality around the world. Based on predefined user flows, the app needed the interface to be both designed and implemented to take the working prototype to a fully fleshed-out application.